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 "I want to feel your hands upon my shoulders and dance with you at the milongas and the streets"

Tango is a whole philosophy, a culture which carries a great history. It is not clear when it exactly appeared in Argentine, but the tango music was first heard in 1857. Tango, as a dance form, was born at the end of the 19th century in the folksy neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Its existence belongs to the union of European, North American and African elements. At about 1910, Tango was spread out of Argentine, as a new modern dance and social classes, as well as aristocratic, started dancing it, first in Paris and then to the rest of Europe and North America.

When we talk about Tango, we mean a union. A connection of two bodies, between art and reality, of soul and body, male and female. The whole dance is based on the ability, cooperation and understanding between the two partners. The first move always belongs to the male partner and the fact that the two bodies improvise, reveals the charm of tango. It needs these two bodies, 1+1, to respect the rules of dancing and the roles of the male and female, to trust, to surrender to your partner, to cooperate with each other and of course to communicate in order to feel the delight of music and human touch.

Tango is a dancing emotion. You can feel the power of its magic only when you dance it.








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